Planned vs. Natural

I’ll admit Pinterest is my go to thing for when I need to do something mindless. It’s the place I actually do a lot of research, collect recipes, and ideas for my makeup blog. It is the place I have my boards full of hundreds of pins specifically about birth, pregnancy, child care, toddlerhood, and the like. When I was pregnant with Little Monkey, I had a secret pregnancy board and collected a lot of various articles that actually helped me prepare for his birth and nursing afterwards and taking care of a new born. With little bear, I knew what I wanted to learn specifically about for his birth. I was in the middle of researching specific natural birth techniques when we got the news. While I do not have any problem with having a planned c-section, it is very different from planning for a (hoped for) natural birth. Because of this, Pinterest has suddenly become a sort of unsafe place for me as it keeps reminding me of the other pins I have pinned regarding natural birth.

But here’s one thing I didn’t expect to have trouble with. There is almost none to little research or resources for mamas preparing for a c-section. Yes, while I know it is an actual surgery, and there isn’t much one can do to prepare for it, I find this frustrating. I am a planner, researcher, I dig to find information about specific things. I zero in on a part of a plan, I try my best to understand the most I can about specific things. I don’t just randomly and blindly research, I am very particular. So when this shift came, I am felt thoroughly lost because I no longer have something to plant me feet on. I do yoga several times a week (or try to, this fatigue is killing me now!) and part of that routine has included hip opening poses and squats. All in preparation for labor and delivery. But do I keep doing those poses now? Do I keep working on keeping my hips strong and using an exercise ball in the comings week to open my pelvis?

With so many things up in the air and theoretical right now, I need the practical to rest on. Make sense? It isn’t helpful to hear I just basically sit and wait for the c-section. “It’s not that big of a deal.” Sure, maybe not, but I’m not even allowed the luxury (not really) of going into natural labor. I don’t get to put to use all of the things I learned from Little Monkey’s birth, I don’t get to chose. While the predictability of a planned c-section is very helpful for making sure Little Monkey will be taken care of, it’s the so now what that gets me. I can only handle so much unknown. I can hold it together if I have practical things to do between now and when little bear is born.

So through the research I have found, which is pretty much nothing, the only thing I can possibly do to physically prepare for the c-section are gentle core exercises. The examples I’ve found are specifically for pregnant mamas and yes this is something I can practically do, it’s maybe not enough. I have my list of what to pack in my hospital bag for the c-section AND for the NICU stay, but what else can I do? I asked one of the midwives I see, and even she couldn’t give me advice or resources of what to do. There are plenty of articles and resources and advice for what to do AFTER a c-section, but once again, nothing for what to do beforehand.

I had abdominal surgery almost a year ago to remove my gallbladder, so at least I have some idea of what to expect post c-section. However, this still doesn’t feel like enough for me to hold on to. I’ll post more once I am able to put some sort of game plan together! And I will share my list for my hospital bag when as well.