1 1/2 Months Left

The reality of us becoming a four person family is starting to feel so much more real as I now have a tentative date for our little bear’s arrival. We’re only waiting on the neurosurgeon who wants to be the one to do his back closure surgery. But for now, the date of his arrival is February 27th. And that date is 45 days away. Roughly 6 1/2 weeks. And I know that time is going to FLY by.

I have another growth scan this past Tuesday, as well as a delivery planning meeting, and a tour of the recovery suites as well as the NICU. Even though I feel the shadow of what’s coming quietly waiting and peering over my shoulder, I am grateful that it is obvious how much Children’s knows what they’re doing. It felt simple and straight forward. Of course when the day arrives and he is actually here, things could get rather crazy depending on how he is doing. But, beyond the things that we can’t control, the things we can are solid, comforting, and I feel safe putting myself into the specialists’ hands.

Little bear is continuing to hold steady. I’m just shy of 32 weeks, and while this is when a baby’s brain starts major development, his brain is holding is steady. The measurements of the fluid in his brain are the exact same as they were a month ago, and the doctors continue to be quite pleased with how he’s doing. It’s always a little nerve-wracking going in for the ultrasounds now. Just that worry of are they going to find anything else wrong? Will things have changed really drastically? Little bear is keeping up his previous habits of constant movement, and that makes me breathe a little easier. Even though his movements are changing, thanks to seriously running out of room in there, he still moves the same amount. He is still constantly shifting, responding to our/my touch, voices, and noises around me. We got to see his feet in 3D on Tuesday. Oh my goodness, his little feet and little toes are so adorable and the pictures makes it seem like you can just reach out and stroke the sole of his foot.

While touring the NICU I felt like I had a better image in my mind of how staying there is going to look. The recovery suites where I’ll be admitted are on the same floor as the NICU, and I will easily have access between the two clinics. It is a little dizzying to realize that I’ll be admitted and will be staying at that hospital in just a few short weeks. Last night, with the full moon, and most of yesterday during the day, I was kept awake all night with painful contractions and serious pelvic pressure. Nothing was ever close enough or possibly I wasn’t awake enough to time or feel overly concerned. But. Still. There is one more full moon between now and the end of February, and I am going to make for darn sure that my hospital bag is packed and on standby by that next full moon!

It was also strangely reassuring to see how parents had really made those NICU rooms their own. Bringing in their own blankets, bags, comforts from home. I got permission to bring the humidifier/diffuser I recently acquired, and I’m looking forward to making our spaces at the hospital a little bit more cozy. We still don’t know how long little bear will be in the NICU. That’s something we simply won’t know until he’s here and we can see how he’s doing with eating and recovering from his surgery. We do know however that I will most likely be admitted for 5 days. So that’s one thing we can count on.

A lot of little details and things still need to be worked out, but seriously folks, things are coming together and it’s a little crazy that this all happening so soon! No after the holidays slump over here!

This next week is when I will be putting together the freezer meals, so I’ll make sure to document that and then share what I decided to do as far as recipes! I feel like I have a good mix of comfort food and “healthy” food. And all of them are gluten free too. I tried out one of the recipes (slightly modifying it from a crockpot recipe to oven) last night for dinner and it was a big hit!

The days are counting down and while it can feel like time is dragging every so often, it really is flying by. Little bear will be here before we know it and then the controlled chaos starts!