And So It Begins…Here Comes 2017

This New Year is bringing a lot of feels with it this year. We’re down to less than 60 days before little bear gets here, and the reality of that is starting to sink in! At my last ultrasound appointment last month, they told me that while they didn’t think things would change too drastically with little bear’s hydrocephalus, but to be prepared as the next 6 weeks is when things could change really quickly. Little bear is still stable, but that could start changing as of next week at my next growth ultrasound.

I’m starting to work on my hospital bag and at the very least have my list of what needs to go in it sitting next to the bag ready to go whenever it’s time. We just spent a week in Texas with family for Christmas, and I made an interesting observation. The higher altitude here in Colorado really does play a significant roll in how many and how strong my braxton hicks contractions are. I didn’t have very many while we were down in Texas, but as soon as we got back home on Friday, the intensity and frequency of my contractions picked up a lot. I’m still a little worried about not being able to make it to the end of February, but we’ll see!

Emotionally I feel like the roller coaster is starting to pick up speed and we’re now on the last few turns. I tend to live day to day all while keeping an eye on the horizon for the next “big” event we have coming. Now that everything is past except for little bear’s arrival, that’s the next big thing, and boy is it big! It’s like seeing those storm clouds coming, knowing they’re going to end up right on top of you, and you feel a mixture of awe and almost fear knowing you can’t escape them. I am feeling about as prepared as I can feel for what’s to come. We have such a strong support group around us and I know we’re only going to make it out of the storm that’s coming because of their support.

I’m not sure how much more I’ll be posting between now and the end of February, but I will definitely post about anything of great interest or a significant update should one come!

Hang in there, the big stuff is still yet to come.