Introduction to A Measure Of…

As I write this, I am 26 weeks pregnant with our little bear, who was diagnosed 6 weeks ago with spina bifida. It has been a difficult journey so far, meeting with specialists, and watching my entire game plan for this pregnancy change. There has been a lot of good things, but it is still hard.

It is hard to watch the plans and hopes and dreams I had for this last pregnancy literally fall through my fingers. You have this idea of what things are going to be like and when things change so drastically, it does take time to recover/reboot. Going from wanting and hoping to have a natural birth with midwives to a scheduled c-section has brought to light a lot of issues. The biggest being there is very little support for mamas who get these kinds of diagnoses during their pregnancies. My goal with this blog is to not only share Little Bear’s story but also to build a safe place for mamas to find support during difficult pregnancies and the following days, months, and years of their children’s lives.

Thank you for reading and I sincerely hope you find this blog helpful, encouraging, and please know, you are not alone!