Postpartum Essentials

My Little Bear will be a month old tomorrow and that’s a little crazy to me! It feels like his first month of life earth-side has alternately flown by and taken forever. While I’m now a month into postpartum healing and adjusting, I figured it is time to write about the things that I have found increasingly helpful during this first month.

Okay, first off, let’s talk about c-section recovery and the things that helped me the most with that. I’m grateful that Children’s gave me something call an “ON-Q” pump which administered pain/numbing agents directly into my incision for the first 48 hours. That little pump that clipped to whatever I was wearing was the most amazing little device ever. I even had a little difficulty letting my nurse take the pump out even though it was empty at the end of those first 48 hours! I am convinced because of that little pump, my first 48 hours were not as bad as I thought they’d be pain wise. Beyond the pain pump, my next course of action to maintain comfort was clothing. I hadn’t been really sure what to pack clothing wise so I picked things that I usually found comfortable and didn’t place much if any pressure on my lower abdomen.

I did pack two pairs of yoga pants, but those were a little difficult to wear the first few days as they kept falling and sitting right where the pressure was uncomfortable. I brought two of these night gowns (I have slowly collected about 6 pairs from Target over the past 3 years).

Nursing Chemise

(Just a note: the nightgowns I have aren’t nursing, but they’re identical to these in length and top design…I’d highly recommend the nursing ones or even the longer ones Target now has in stock. The ones I own have been all I need at night and I haven’t need a night time nursing bra)

I had done some research prior to packing my hospital bag about postpartum clothes/pants and discovered three different pairs of leggings. Two are specifically designed for postpartum wear and the third pair is merely highwaisted. The first pair I got is from Blanqi. These leggings are marketed as highwaisted + nursing leggings. The reason for “nursing” is the idea that you can lift your shirt up to nurse and still be covered and have your belly supported. I got these leggings during their 50% off sale around Black Friday. When they arrived, I was unsure if they were actually going to fit me, but was pleasantly surprised that even while still pregnant, I could comfortably pull them on. They were a little snug around my pregnant belly, but I felt comfortable hanging on to them for postpartum wear.

Blanqi Highwaist Postpartum + Nursing Support leggings

Now that I am not pregnant, am now nursing and am dealing with postpartum recovery, I have a slightly different opinion about these leggings. They still fit comfortably, however, they are really long. Being only 5′ 1″ myself, I found the excess material bunching up around my thighs or knees to be a bit annoying. I am also quite short waisted, so pulling these leggings up as high as they’re supposed to go means they go all the way past the very bottom of my rib cage. I would definitely recommend them for someone a lot taller!

The second pair of leggings I have are from Navel.

The Navel Pant

I actually wore these while still pregnant and absolutely loved them. The material they’re made from is thick but not too thick. They’re warm in colder weather, but I haven’t felt overheated in them yet. Granted, I have yet to experience Spring/Summer temps yet, so I can’t give a good opinion on that quite yet. These leggings do come with an additional insert that adds extra support beyond the top of the leggings themselves. These were in my hospital bag and I found them to be extremely uncomfortable during those first 4 days postpartum. They were a little too “snug” around my belly, and I found I still needed loose clothing for a little while longer. However, once I got home, and got a little more active, especially with driving back and forth to the NICU every day during that second week postpartum, I found these leggings to be exactly what I needed. There is still a tiny issue of them being made for someone slightly taller than myself, but I don’t even notice the extra material anymore and I wear these leggings several times a week.

Okay the third pair was a random guess at a special deal the company was having for pre-ordering their leggings. I’m talking about the Girlfriend Collective leggings. They are no longer available until the whole line releases in a few more months. But, I will say these were and still are my total go-to leggings. They’re just as well made as the Navel pants and I’m excited about having good quality leggings that will last me for along time!

As far as tops and such, I had gotten several nursing camisoles and wore those non-stop during the first two weeks once I had been released from the hospital. While I was still in the hospital, I used this night time nursing bra the entire time because it was the most comfortable around my shrinking yet very sore rib cage.

Mirity Womens Seamless nursing bra

This bra is extremely soft and comfortable! I wore this with my nightgowns and a few tunic tops I had brought with me to the hospital. I have only worn it a few times since getting home, but it’s hanging out in the back of my drawer when I need some plain old comfort.

Okay, let’s talk about underwear for a minute. I had heard from several people that highwaisted underwear was 100% the way to go with underwear choices after a c-section. I hemmed and hawed about getting highwaisted underwear and finally decided on these instead. I tried a few pairs of highwaisted underwear and oh my, NOT for me.

Intimate Portal Women Under the Bump Maternity Panties Pregnancy Underwear

I got these several months ago and found them so comfortable especially while pregnant. I brought a few pairs to the hospital to wear once the bleeding had slowed (and I wasn’t wearing the mesh panties), and I am so glad I did. These hit perfectly just below my incision and not once rubbed against it or caught on the steri-strips or scabs. In fact, I loved these so much, I ordered a second set once I got home! (Sooo, I now have 10 pairs – I got both sets of 5 pairs) I highly highly highly recommend them for c-section recovery. Especially for those who can’t stand highwaisted underwear (like me).

Alright, so, moving on. I had an idea of what I would like or what worked for me when dealing with night time feedings with Little Monkey, so I was able to plan accordingly for Little Bear. I had relied on my cell phone flashlight for those middle of the night feedings. While that had worked with Little Monkey, I remember feeling frustrated and blinded by the flashlight several times. I did some research and found this light on Amazon and am so so glad I kept it on my registry!

Tumbler LED night light

However, I just discovered this light is now unavailable! If it does ever come back in stock, definitely grab it. It has been so incredibly helpful getting up with Little Bear in the middle of the night. It gives off just enough light to comfortably see but not enough to feel blinded and it’s a very soft yellow light.

Those are my recommendations for postpartum necessities! I’ll create an additional post later if I think of other things. Right now, Little Bear is crying for his food and I have Little Monkey anxiously telling me that Little Bear is crying.