About Mama Bear

Mama Bear to Little Bear & Little Monkey, Caleigh is currently working towards creating safe places for mamas who have received difficult diagnoses for their children, have difficult pregnancies, etc. She hopes this blog will be able to provide resources, encouraging stories, and support for a variety of conditions, but most specifically for mamas of children with Spina Bifida.

On October 31st, 2016, Little Bear was officially diagnosed with Spina Bifida. Caleigh was 21 weeks pregnant. This started a huge shift in their family’s journey as Caleigh and Phil worked to understand what Spina Bifida is and what that meant for their family moving forward. Little Bear will be born at the end of February and will receive care from specialists at the Denver, Colorado Children’s Hospital where they live only 30 minutes away from. It has been a huge blessing for them to have such resources so close by, as well as finding they are surrounded by an incredible community of friends and family both in Colorado and all across the country.


Thank you for coming along with us on this journey and I hope that this blog helps you and gives you encouragement and hope that life does not end the hellish day you get that difficult diagnosis!

My Three Boys – Little Bear, Little Monkey, and hubby Phil.